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Hi, MY name is Karen Alleluia

and I love creating form through color and design.

Some of my most prized pieces were created to confront social injustices in America as well as environmental issues in my city and around the world, gaining recognition by Southwestern College, The Sun newspaper, and The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego. 

Since 2017, I have been illustrating my two chihuahuas, Bandit and Fatboy, and their adventures as they travel the world and experience alternate universes together as brothers. Through these depictions, I want viewers to understand the importance of kin, what it means to help one another, and the beauty of going beyond our own bubbles.

Your support, whether it be a Like on social media or a purchase made in my store, means the world to me. It allows me to continue doing what I love while providing the best care for my dogs. 

Thank you for being part of my journey. :)


San Diego Night Market, 2019
SDCCU Stadium | San Diego, CA

Momentum, 2019
University of CA, San Diego | La Jolla, CA

Live Art Mural, 2019
Cross Street Chicken + Beer | San Diego, CA

Clean Slate, 2018
Mira Mesa Green Flash Brewing Co. | San Diego, CA

Hyper Bomb, 2016
Tenth Ave. Arts Center | San Diego, CA


North Park Art Night, 2019
Sovereign Barbershop | San Diego, CA

You Are Here, 2018
BRICK | San Diego, CA

25 + Under, 2017
Museum of Contemporary Art | San Diego, CA

Turtle Mural, 2017
IB Public Works Yard | Imperial Beach, CA

SWC Art Gallery, 2016
Chula Vista Mall | Chula Vista, CA

MEDIA Features

NBC San Diego, 2019
SD Voyager Magazine, 2018
The Sun Newspaper, 2017
The Kerux Magazine, 2017
SF at the Movies, 2016